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About Me...

From running around my garden as a young child, snapping photos with a disposable film camera, to now travelling the world in my twenties with a DSLR. I'm a photographer based in North London, pursuing my passion. I have an affinity for wildlife, which is what I tend to focus on, but I also take photos of anything else that may catch my eye - whether that be a scenic landscape or an iconic landmark.


Being absorbed in nature is where I feel most at home. I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to many different countries, encountering various biomes. Travelling is a privilege and I have a burning desire to see more of what this beautiful planet has to offer. Life comes in many different, wondrous forms and I adore capturing it's magic, sharing it with the world. Through my work, I aim to connect people to nature. When we are connected to nature, we are connected to our true selves.

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